Foreign investors success stories

The Ukrainian powerhouse opportunities in agriculture, energy, information technology, infrastructure and manufacturing have grown too large for investors to ignore. When combined with a highly skilled workforce, cost-efficiency, strategic geographic location and rapidly-improving business climate, Ukraine has much to offer.

3 Success Stories of Dutch Companies that Benefit from Cooperation with Ukrainian Developers

40% of Dutch businesses see talent shortage as the main obstacle standing in the way of growth and expansion of the software development industry in the country. Find out how 3 Netherlands-based businesses managed to combat their recruitment hardships via hiring Ukrainian developers.

Dutch Projects in Ukraine

Read more on the projects and programms in Ukraine supported by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Scatec Solar: Story of Success in Ukraine

Today, green energy supplies only 2% of Ukraine’s electricity need. Norwegian Scateс Solar decided to take advantage of the last emerging market in Europe. In 2018, under the leadership and due to efforts of Andriy Garanin and Magnus Berg Johansen the company started construction of two solar power plants – in Mykolaiv and Cherkasy regions. And recently announced the construction of a new power plant in Chyhyryn.

American Business in Ukraine NOW

As Ukraine has been recognized as a stable and predictable emerging market, American businesses see lots of opportunities in the country. What is so attractive about Ukraine and why have the world’s leading companies chosen Ukraine? Watch our new video about American business success stories in Ukraine.