in Ukraine

IT Opportunities in Ukraine

The IT industry is among the country’s FASTEST GROWING industries and a major driving force of Ukrainian economy.

Investment Atlas

This atlas is answering range of questions that businesses abroad and investors could have when making the first impression into Ukrainian market potential.

Invest in Ukraine now

Ukraine is open for business! As the country continues to undergo seismic democratic and economic transformation, it is integrating ever deeper into the Euro-Atlantic and global economic architecture.

Why is Ukraine the top IT destination in 2020

Many businesses are successfully outsourcing to Ukraine now as to the Tech Talent Pool. We invite you to discover Why!

Taxes in Ukraine

This brochure deals with general information about tax rates, objects and bases of taxation in Ukraine, as well as peculiarities of taxation of certain categories of taxpayers. Taxation of non-residents is considered in detail.

Ukraine: Investment Guide

The Investment Guide focuses on the general regulations in the most commonly referred areas of the Ukrainian law, including foreign investment protection, M&A, corporate law, customs regulations, labour law, real estate, taxes, IP protection, dispute resolution, etc.

Renewable Energy in Ukraine 2019

The publication, prepared for Getting the Deal through, a global research platform, provides an extensive overview of the key legislation and regulation affecting the renewable energy development in Ukraine.