Vinil Wallpaper Factory

Contact person: Tyelyegin Olexander (Head of foreign trade direction in wholesales)
Address: 16A, Petra Sagaidachnogo St., Kyiv, 04070
Phone: +38 (0542) 773-201 / Fax:, 773-215

About the company

Wallpaper Factory «VINIL» is one of the leaders of Ukrainian wallpaper business. The enterprise produces all types wallpaper known in the world, according to European standards, on paper and flizeline base, under a trademark «LANITA».

More than 3000 types of wallpaper of high European level and permanent addition to the assortment new collections, created in own Design Studio, delivery of products to the customers and many others. High production capacities and technological equipment are able to produce exclusive parties by design or pictures of customer in the earliest possible dates. Basic direction in the production of our factory is producing wallpapers of hot-stamping both on a paper and flizeline base, vinyl wallpapers, wallpapers steady to washing, vinyl wallpapers for painting.