Contact person: Kate Kovtun (export manager)
Address: 16A, Petra Sagaidachnogo St., Kyiv, 04070
Phone: +38067-890-72-84 | +38 0482 307 315
E-mail: e.kovtun@tavriav.com.ua | export@tavriav.com.ua
Website: http://www.tavriav.org/en/

About the company

Ukrainian enterprise «TAVRIA-V» CLL is known in the business world as a well-managed, powerful organizational structure.

Key areas of business include: retail; wholesale; catering; production; construction and development; private label. 95 retailer facilities including shopping malls ranging from 5000 to 36000 m2; supermarkets, delicacy markets; foreign economic activity department; gross area over 366 877,3 m2