Contact person: Kate Kovtun (export manager)
Address: 16A, Petra Sagaidachnogo St., Kyiv, 04070
Phone: +38067-890-72-84 | +38 0482 307 315
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About the company

«Mashzavod» Ltd manufactures steel welded vessels and apparatuses, working under pressure up to 15.2 Mpa (160 kgf/cm2) under loading and in vacuum with diameter up to 4000 mm made of carbon, low-alloyed, high-alloyed, heat-resisting steel, bimetal for processing, refining and petrochemical enterprises, gas- and oil transmission pipe-lines (systems), for gas and oil-field develop-ment, LPG terminals, for chemical industry and fertilizers production and other non-typical custom-made equipment.