Contact person: Alexander Bordyug
Address: 31, M. Gordiychuk St., Kamianets-Podilskyi, 32301 Ukraine
Phone: +38 (067) 491-8386 (Viber or WhatsApp can be used)
E-mail: office@lorange.ua
Website: www.lorange.ua

About the company

Lorange is the leading wedding dress brand in Ukraine. The company makes high-end wedding, evening, and children’s dresses, that can be easily distinguished from other brands. Clients describe Lorange’s dresses as natural, unique, sincere, and perfect.

Lorange is also outsourced, for sewing collections of wedding dresses for other famous European wedding brands from the United Kingdom, Spain, Israel.

Lorange is ready to cooperate with local wedding salons and shops to establish B2B sales of wedding and evening dresses. As well as with European brands of women’s and bridal clothes that are looking for the outsource manufacturer.